TOK Workshops

BY alistair

Dear Parents & Students,

Findings will be conducting a 2 day TOK Workshop by Dr Alistair Chew and Mr Alvin Tan. Students may choose to come for either the first workshop or the second workshop as both are the same in content.
Please indicate your choice in advance so that we can allocate space accordingly.

Day 1: Fundamentals of Theory of Knowledge – we cover the terms used, the definitions and connections between terms, and how TOK relates to learning and understanding different academic subjects and areas of knowledge.

Day 2: Applications of Theory of Knowledge – constructing a TOK presentation or writing a TOK essay, the use of real-life situations, and applying a range of source materials. Coverage of recent TOK essay topics will be included.

First Workshop
Date : March 18th Monday (Day 1) – 19th Tuesday (Day 2)
Time : 3 pm to 5 pm
Venue : Raffles Holland V #03-01
Fees : $300 before GST

Second Workshop
Date : March 20th Wednesday (Day 1) – 21st Thursday (Day 2)
Time : 5pm to 7pm
Venue : Raffles Holland V #03-01
Fees : $300 before GST