We have an interesting track record of research in many academic areas: the sciences and humanities, local and international education, and how integrated programmes work. No time for research? Ask us.

What we can do for any school is to free up your staff from a range of research- and work-related tasks while keeping them informed about what can be done, how we propose do it, and what we’re doing at every stage once we’ve started doing it.

The institutional collaboration process begins with us trying to understand your institutional culture and any changes you wish to effect. Based on this, we work out the necessary mission, vision and philosophy — using as little jargon as possible. It’s what you want to do, what you hope to do, and how you believe it should be done. Everything else we create within your framework depends on this.

But what, specifically, can we help you create?

We have the expertise to design an entire school curriculum, range of programmes within an existing curriculum, or a specific programme or module. Our expertise includes design of a complete Integrated Programme running from Year 1 to Year 6 — for students aged 13 to 18, and including a consistent and well-researched model linking the different disciplines, core modules, and/or enrichment modules. Our design includes strategic, tactical and logistic elements, down to the necessary paperwork and forms if you wish.

We can help you maintain, evaluate and carry out research on the final product once you’ve implemented it. We much prefer to teach your people how to do that themselves as a professional learning and growth opportunity, but if that takes too much of their valuable time, you can keep us on retainer to look after the project.

Come pay us a visit, or send us a cryptic email. We can help you, as we have helped others in the past.