We prepare and develop students to do well in a competitive education environment through tutorials, lectures and seminars. The basic unit is the tutorial, a group process involving up to ten students and a tutor who chairs the group, directs discussion, and teaches and tests relevant subject material. We teach language and literature, mathematics, the sciences and the humanities. We provide foundational instruction in theory of knowledge, processes of inquiry and learning, research and presentation skills, conceptualizing and writing.


Findings was conceived of as a research community as well as a learning centre. Our teachers are researchers as well, with published papers and book chapters to their credit. We believe that it’s good to know why we should teach something in a certain way, and how to modify our teaching so that it will benefit students. In the last fifteen years, cognitive neuroscience and other areas of research have changed the way we think about education. Students should benefit from that, so that their time is not wasted. We also collaborate in external research projects.


Research is less useful if it doesn’t lead to learning and further development. We offer assistance to parents in navigating the modern educational maze. This includes career guidance and life coaching, specific analysis of schools and education systems in relation to individual students and their families, and qualitative assessment of human potential. We also work with educational institutions in a support role so that teachers and lecturers don’t have to spend so much time on researching planning, designing and evaluating their own curricular programmes.