Our Education Director, Dr Alistair Chew, coordinates the teaching faculty. The team consists of handpicked teaching associates and consultants selected for their range and depth of talent and skilled teaching experience. Among our teachers you’ll find university lecturers, industry leaders and classical scholars united in this educational endeavour.

Here is more information about some of our faculty members:

A M Chew (Education Director)

Former Dean/Sciences, Director/Career Guidance at ACS(I)
Teaching interests: Chemistry, Theory of Knowledge, others
BSc (Chem), MEd, PhD (Education); PGDE (Dist), DDM

E C T Chew
Former Dean/Arts & Social Sciences at NUS
Teaching interests: History
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (History)

E Bong
Former ACS(I) teacher & NIE trainer
Teaching interests: English Literature, General Paper
BA/DipEd (Hons/Lit)

M Chang
MOE Registered teacher; biochemical philosopher
Teaching interests: Biology, Chemistry
BSc (Merit/Life Sciences)

B Colaco
Former English teacher at Amity Global;
Teaching interests: English (Language & Literature), General Paper, History
BA (English/Political Science); certified TEFL and TBE

K Koh
Former Chemistry teacher at NUSHSMS;
Teaching interests: Chemistry, Mathematics
BSc (Hons/Chem), PhD (Chem)

J C Lee
Former Mathematics teacher at RI/CJC;
Teaching interests: Mathematics
BSc (Hons/Math), MSc (Math)

T L Lee
Former GEP EL/Lit teacher at ACS(I); creative communicator
Teaching interests: English Language/Literature, Theatre, Drama
BA/DipEd, PhD (English)

C W Loo
Former Mathematics teacher at NUSHSMS; all things mathematical
Teaching interests: Mathematics and Statistics
BSc (Hons/Math), PGDE, PGD (Actuarial Science)

N Sunita
Former Head of Humanities at Hwa Chong Institution
Teaching interests: Geography, Social Studies

A Tan
Former History/English teacher at Catholic High and ACS(I), HOD at RGSS; former VP at Rainbow Centre
Teaching Interests: Literacy and World Affairs, History, Research & Inquiry Skills, TOK
BA (Hons), MA, PGDE

J Tan
Sessional English lecturer at James Cook University (SG)
Teaching interests: English, English Literature, General Paper
BA (Hons/Eng Lit), CELTA

T M Tham
Former SMSS teacher and state auditor
Teaching interests: Principle of Accounts, Mathematics
BAcc (Hons), PGDE (Merit)

J Yeo
Former Physics teacher at NUSHSMS; university scholar
Teaching interests: Physics, Mathematics
BSc (Hons/Phys); PGDE (Merit)

E C Yong
Instructor, ACJC/ACS(Br)/ACS(I); fencer, chanter and classicist
Teaching interests: Greek, Latin; Classics, Church History
BA (Hons/Classics – Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)

The teachers here have excellent professional track records.

Their qualifications have been verified by us; if you wish to inquire further, do contact us or come in for a chat.



Some of our teaching staff are no longer available full-time because of other commitments.

T N Choo

Former Chemistry lead teacher at ACS(I); creative thinker
Teaching interests: Chemistry, Chess
BSc, MSc (Hons/Chem); PGDE

Y Y Goh
Former Biology teacher at NUSHSMS; research fellow
Teaching interests: Biology
BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

L S Gwee
Former Literature professor, NUS; poet, author and editor
Teaching interests: English Language/Literature, Creative Writing
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Lit)

H V Wong
Former instructor, SCGS; former ExxonMobil executive
Teaching interests: Physical Sciences, others
BA (High Honors), DPhil (Chem); CFA